Bird is the word

Nourish Your Mind, Heal Your Body and Detox From The Digital World

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‘Bird Is The Word’.

Studies show that spending time with birds is restful, and reassures us at a deep level.

We have known birds and watched them for millennia. Bright goldfinches on city streets, murmurations of starlings sketching patterns across evening skies, the arrival of a cuckoo in spring. Birds mark the seasons. They show us the cycle of life.

In my late 40’s at an uncertain time in my life, I began to look to nature for reassurance. And I got it, especially from the birds.

When yoga no longer worked and I felt more wound up after the class than before, birdwatching became my touchstone for stress. In birds I found familiarity and consistency.

Birdwatching has so much to offer us all, as my book shares.

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